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The 2 Critical Fourth Quarter  Questions We Want To Answer:

Question 1:  “What will be the probable, almost certain, future outcome of your present course, if left unchanged?”


Question 2:  “What’s missing, the presence of which would make a substantial difference in producing a better outcome for you, your family and your colleagues?”   

What Do We Ask Of You?

  • We ask that you realize all business owners will face significantly different personal, financial and business dynamics upon entering the “Fourth Quarter” of your time in action.


  • You won’t win the most important game of your life using yesterday’s playbook.  And you won’t win if you lose the lead in the Fourth Quarter.  To win, you must overcome the common, big mistakes made by other business owners before or in their Fourth Quarter.  You don’t want to wipe out the success you have achieved during your first three quarters.


  • Not all owners recognize or address these realities or get in front of this in time.  We ask that you recognize this and address this in time.

Answers To Questions

“Do I need to become an expert on these topics?”

No. This is why you engage us.


“How much will I be investing in this process?”

We address this early on – based on what you actually need. 


“How much time will this take?”

Respect for your time is one of the reasons we systematized this into a process which is propertly quarterbacked and coordinated.


“Do we do all of this at once?”

You and we will prioritize so we do only what needs to be started now.


“Is my Company too small or too big for you?”

Our threshold isn't size. It's attitude.  We work with the wide range of small, middle-market and large companies whose leaders share our attitude towards keeping the promises they've made to themselves, their families, their colleagues, their stakeholders, their customers and their communities.


“Do you have time to work with me?”

By being careful in deciding who we agree to work with, my team and I have the time to work closely with the loyal business owners who have placed their trust in us.


“What should I do next?”

Call (or have one of your trusted advisors call) to confirm we are clear to work with you.  We can then set up a confidential, no-obligation meeting or conference call.  Our first meeting is to get to know each other.  It is not a commitment by either of us to work together.


“What will you want me to prepare or bring to the first meeting?”

Your most trusted advisor.  Your spouse is always welcome - your call.  No other preparation for our first meeting or conference call is needed.

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