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"What business are you really in?"

We partner with Family Business Leaders (Pioneers) to deploy the strategies needed for you to keep the promises you've made to yourself, your family, your colleagues, your stakeholders, your customers and your communities.

"When are you normally engaged?"

Real success is achieved and sustained only when you “begin with the end in mind”.  For Family Business Leaders, this means to begin with your Fourth Quarter First.  So, whether you are in the First, Second, Third or Fourth Quarter (or Overtime) of your time as a business leader, now is the time to begin.

"What do Family Business Pioneers tell you then want to achieve?"

They tell us they never want to let down themselves, their families, their colleagues and their customers.  So, they want to achieve these 4 things:

1. Profitable Growth for our business

2. Wealth Protection for what we’re building

3. Lifestyle Continuity for us and our family

4. Personal Freedom on our terms

"How do you work with us to achieve this?"

Based on what you value the most, we look into the future with you to decide on the future you want and to select and deploy the Main Plays needed to get there on your terms and timetable.

"Why is this effective?"

Our business and professional experience, insights, affiliations, trusted strategies, collaborative approach and proprietary system combine in a unique way to prioritize what’s important, to remove complexity and to overcome the frequent Fourth Quarter mistakes made by business owners.

"Do I need to become an expert on these topics?"

No.  This is why you engage us.

"Do you have access to other professionals and funding resources which may be needed?"

We have built a network of local, national and international professionals and funding resources who collaborate with us and our loyal clients.  This provides the depth of additional talent and resources when necessary for your Fourth Quarter success.

"How much time will this take?"

Respect for your time is one of the reasons we systematized this into a process which is properly quarterbacked and coordinated.

"Do you do a lot of this type of planning?"

I’ve been working with business owners and their families on Fourth Quarter planning for over 36 years.  I’ve covered “Fourth Quarter” Planning with Business Pioneers from over 40 countries. 

"Is my Company too small or too big for you?"

Our threshold isn’t size.  It’s attitude.  We work with the wide range of small, middle-market and large companies whose leaders share our attitude towards keeping the promises they've made to themselves, their families, their colleagues, their stakeholders, their customers and their communities.

"You use the term "Business Pioneer". Who is a "Business Pioneer?"

I think those of us in business meet Business Pioneers everyday. Every Family Business Leader who lives to explore and create new opportunities and to find new ways to advance the lives of their colleagues, customers and families are Business Pioneers in my book. In this age of massive disruption, if you, your leadership team and your successors are not Business Pioneers today, the odds that you and your company will continue to be successful are remote.

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"Why do you do this?"

I’ve seen the impact too often on owners, their families, loyal team and communities when the business owner’s Fourth Quarter wasn’t addressed in time.  Our program enables us to impact the many lives of those we care about.

"This profession often requires you to collaborate with other advisors. What do your peers think of you?"

My peers selected me to Best Lawyers in America® named for Closely Held Companies and Family Business Law.  They awarded me Lifetime Fellow status with the Nebraska Bar and the AV Preeminent national ranking with Martindale Hubbell.

"Do you have any added professional credentials which help you achieve the optimum results for us?"

I am a long time partner in the national law firm of McGrath North. I am a member of the country’s two leading succession and exit planning advisor organizations:  Business Enterprise Institute and Exit Planning Institute.  I am also a member of the Family Firm Institute, the American Bar Association and the American Institute of CPAs.  I have been selected by Omaha Magazine as the “Face of Business Continuity and Succession Planning.”

"Do you have a respected business background which will help you understand our Company and business sector?"

I began my business career at the foot of my Grandfather and Father learning about the family business interests in restaurants, supermarkets, real estate, ranching, farming, construction and retail merchandising. I am a co-creator of the internationally acclaimed Business Model Generation program which introduced the world to the Business Model Canvas innovation tool now being used by over 5,000,000 entrepreneurs.  Over 75 business leader groups throughout the U.S. and Canada have booked me in just the past 6 years to teach them the Business Model Profit Protocol.  The Omaha CEO Boards  of Vistage  International  (the  world’s leading CEO organization) have named me to their Trusted Advisor Board.  The hundreds of CEOs I’ve coached with Vistage International have given me a 98% recommendation rating.  The Business Model I designed for Nebraska’s Economic Development has resulted in over 850 business expansions, 100,000 new jobs and $30 billion in capital investment.

"Do you work together with our attorney, CPA and other trusted advisors?"

Yes.  Collaboration is key to incredible results.  Our program has been carefully designed to work in sync with your other trusted advisors.

"How do I discuss this with my family and key personnel?"

A common question.  We will work with you on this when applicable.

"Do we do all of this at once?"

You and I will prioritize so we do only what needs to be started now.

"How much will I be investing in this process?"

We address this early on- based on what you actually need. 

"I am ready to sell my business now. Can you work with me?"

We have advised public companies, private companies, entrepreneurs, family  businesses, private equity groups and others in a myriad of transactions, including mergers, tender offers, stock and asset purchases and sales, joint ventures, ESOP transactions and reorganizations. Our M&A team has worked on transactions, both domestically (with transactions in nearly all 50 states) and internationally (with transactions in 6 of the 7 continents).

"Do you have time to work with me?"

By being careful in deciding who we agree to work with, my team and I have the time to work closely with the loyal business owners who have placed their trust in us.

"What should I do next?"

Call (or have one of your trusted advisors call) to confirm we are clear to work with you.  We can then set up a confidential, no-obligation meeting or conference call.  Our first meeting or conference call is to get to know each other.  It is not a commitment by either of us to work together.

"What will you want me to prepare or bring to the first meeting or conference call?"

Your most trusted advisor.  Your spouse is always welcome - your call.  No other preparation for our first meeting or conference call is needed.

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