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Profitable Growth For Your Business

Dynamic Leadership Core

Incredible Result:  “Our Leadership Team never answers a question by saying:  'Because that's how we've always done it.'”

Avoidable Train Wrecks:  Your leadership team doesn't effectively deal with business innovation roadblocks.

Main Play:  The Profit Strategy Team


What This Is:  You have developed and deployed a Profit Strategy Team (aka Advisory Board) of dynamic leaders, who have been fully briefed on the internationally acclaimed Business Model Canvas profit system.  The team is empowered to continuously find the full profit impact of Business Model trends, patterns, disruptive forces and innovations and to implement rapid Business Model improvements.

The Pioneer Mindset Deployed

Incredible Result:  “In this battle of now constant, massive disruption and new horizons, our Company is built to explore new possibilities, to endure and adapt, and to profitably grow.”

Avoidable Train Wrecks:  A "fear of change" mindset is overtaken by today's massive Business Model disruptions.

Main Play:  The "Pioneer Mindset" Initiative


What This Is:  This program, taught to your Company’s leadership and aspiring leaders, builds the Pioneer Mindset into the culture of your Company.  This system of leadership recognizes that a pioneer mindset is necessary for success today.  This program is designed to overcome the External and Internal Forces which destroy or hold back business growth and profitability.

Business Model Command Deployed

Incredible Result:  “We are keeping the leaders of other companies awake at night.” 

Avoidable Train Wrecks:  Your Business Model misfires, declines or fails.

Main Play:  The "Business Model Command" Initiative

What This Is:  This program, taught to your Profit Strategy Team, shows how to keep your Company in command of a highly profitable Business Model by knowing precisely:  “What” business you are really in, “Why” your Business Model (still) works (and when it won’t any longer), and “How” your Business Model creates, captures and delivers unique, profitable value.

Root Force Culture Deployed

Incredible Result:  “Loyalty to our Company is so strong that our Customers and our Team don’t even think of switching.”

Avoidable Train Wrecks:  Poor Company culture deflates your team performance and customer loyalty.

Main Play:  The "Route Force Culture" Initiative

What This Is:  This program, taught to your Profit Strategy Team, puts into practice a profitable, innovation–minded culture driven by the seven Root Forces necessary today for companies to attract and retain great talent and customers and to profitably and quickly grow in the marketplace.

Business Model Growth Deployed

Incredible Result:  “Our Leadership Team is never satisfied with just doing a great job of managing what we’ve got.  They are constantly eliminating old opportunities we shouldn’t be doing anymore and creating new opportunities we should start doing.”

Avoidable Train Wrecks:  External forces (competitors, insurgents, economy, technology, government) start to beat you.

Main Play:  The "We Refuse To Be Netflixed" Initiative

What This Is:  This program, taught to your Profit Strategy Team, shows how to set up your Business Model Tool Room with the leading tools for designing rapid-fire pivots and shifts to your Business Model.  This is deployed to keep your Company in a distinct, leading, highly profitable Business Model, with a recognized competitive advantage, a unique value proposition, and a growing, long term, profitable outlook.

Business Expansion Policy Deployed

Incredible Result:  “We are finding and capturing each acquisition and expansion opportunity which is out there to help us grow.”


Avoidable Train Wrecks:  Business expansion opportunities start to be lost or ignored. 


Main Play:  The "Find It" Expansion Protocol

What This Is:  This program, taught to your Profit Strategy Team, shows how to capture all of the significant, appropriate business growth cash grants, job training, financing and tax incentives provided by federal, state and local government and economic development organizations.

Quick Facts


The speed and the force with which Business Models are changing and being created (or dying) is unprecedented.  This rapidly accelerating “perfect storm” is affecting the life of all organizations today. This especially impacts Fourth Quarter Business Owners when many won’t invest in, take on, or see the changes necessary to keep profitably growing.  True strategic planning at the Business Model level is needed today to remain profitable.

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